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Pro Tips for Scheduling

1. Kick off the holiday season by reserving to see Santa, ideally the week after Thanksgiving or the first weeks of December. Fewer crowds, more time for magic!


2. If you're riding the North Pole Express, visit Santa BEFORE your train ride! We find the excitement about the train ride translates to more giddy-filled pictures with Santa! There are usually longer lines once the train returns.


3. If you plan to Walk-in, we suggest arriving right when we open or coming during a weekday! And if you can only come during the busiest times––weekends or closer to Christmas––plan to walk in when one of the trains is scheduled to depart to ensure lower wait times. 

4. Thursdays are the most relaxed days to see Santa–trains do not run this day, therefore there are fewer crowds. It’s also a great time to bring your family pets for pictures!

Pro Tips from Santa

1. Prepare to visit Santa - If you anticipate your child being afraid of Santa or if they cried last year, here are some things you can do to prepare them:

  • Print out Main Street Santa's photo and put it in a place the child can see him. This will help them become familiar with "their Santa"

  • Talk about Santa often

  • Read stories about Santa


2. Maintain the magic of Christmas by visiting the same Santa. This promotes familiarity year to year and solidifies core memories.


3. Want Santa to know your child's name? Strategically mention your child's name as you approach Santa, "Tommy, go on up there!", "Tell him what you want for Christmas, Sadie!"

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