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Our Story

Guess what? Our amazing Main Street Santa has been nominated for the renowned 2023 International Santa Hall of Fame! This jolly old fella has been visiting the City of Grapevine for a solid ten years, bringing heaps of holiday magic. As the proud owners of Grapevine's Market on Main, a family-owned gem that's been passed down for over 100 years through four generations, we sure know a thing or two about creating unforgettable holiday traditions.

What Santa Wants for Christmas

Is for people of all ages, young and old, to wholeheartedly embrace and believe in the magic of Christmas.



"The one I'm eating because there's no such thing as a bad cookie. But if I HAD to choose, I'd say Chocolate Chip."


Come Visit Grapevine, Texas

Experience the enchantment of the Christmas Capital of Texas in Historic Downtown Grapevine. With Main Street Santa at its heart, this wholesome, family-centered town invites you to a festive holiday excursion. Immerse yourself in over 1,400 Christmas events spread across 40 days, creating cherished memories that will warm your heart. Celebrate the true spirit of Christmas in Grapevine, where magic and joy fills the air.

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Create lasting memories with Main Street Santa!


Santa's Favorite Funny Story

One of Santa's all-time favorite funny stories revolves around a child's unique Christmas wish. A little girl asked for a simple 9V battery, and she was incredibly insistent that it was the only thing she wanted. Her father explained that during fire safety week at school, she had learned about the importance of changing the batteries in smoke detectors annually. However, she was concerned because her family's smoke detectors were installed on high ceilings, making it difficult for them to reach.

Undeterred, the clever child came up with a brilliant plan. She told her father, "Daddy, it's okay. When Santa brings me what I asked for, he can change the batteries for us when he comes down the chimney!" This innocent and humorous twist perfectly captures the imaginative thinking of children and their unwavering belief in Santa's magical abilities.


Santa always chuckles when he remembers this heartwarming story, reminding him of the joy and innocence that children bring to the holiday season. It serves as a beautiful reminder that the true spirit of Christmas lies in the simplicity of love, imagination, and the belief in miracles.

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